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PHP web development

Most Effective open source tool to develop as effective website.

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Php Web Development

PHP Web Development

As a top notch php website development company in NCR,Haryana. QTC Inoftech is offering efficient development services which can take your business to next level.

What is PHP Website Development ?

This is a server side scripting language,it is also reknown as hypertext processor, which is not only used for web development but also as a general purpose programming language


Benefits of PHP Web Development


Supports All of the Leading Databases
It supports all of the leading databases, including MySQL, dBase, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more.

Multiple Layers of Security
PHP offers multiple layers of security to help protect against cyber threats, all of which can be adjusted in the .ini file..

Cross Platform Applications
PHP can be used to create cross-platform applications on Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems. It’s also compatible with all of the major web browsers

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