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Google Keyword Planner - This is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to find relevant keywords for your website. You can see search volumes, competition levels, and even create a keyword.

Ahrefs - Ahrefs is a paid tool that provides keyword data and analysis, backlink analysis, and content analysis. It's a popular choice among SEO professionals for advanced features.

SEMrush is another paid tool that provides keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis. It also offers features such as site audit and social media tracking.


Moz Keyword Explorer is a paid tool that provides keyword suggestions, difficulty scores, and SERP analysis. It also offers features such as site crawl and rank tracking.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Ubersuggest is a free tool that provides keyword suggestions and search volume data. It's a great option for those just starting out with SEO or looking for a budget-friendly option.


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