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  1. No one is allowed for lunch in the meeting area. Team can do their lunch in cafeteria 1st floor only.
  2. Tea break is of 10 min. ie 3:50pm to 4:00pm approx. Either team will take tea on their workstation or in cafeteria area only.
  3. Id cards are compulsory for all to wear while in office timings.
  4. Avoid to take personal calls and work during the office hours, it disturbs the workflow.
  5. Gossiping / Cracking jokes/ Wasting time in the office hours is strictly prohibited.
  6. Compilation of daily work & attendance is compulsory for all team.
  7. Leaves circular is already provided in team group. No change in it.
  8. Meeting area of office needs to vacant all the time. As in case of any client arrives there must be a place to sit for them and maintain the cleanliness in the office area.
  9. Listening music while work is not advisable slow down your work flow. 10. Checking all turned off lights and AC’s is the responsibility of person who is locking the office. 11. Your Workstation area should be always kept clean & having minimal personal items.
  10. 2 Referral from each employee is expected at the time of vacancy in office. we will notify timely about the vacancies. Based on referral incentives will be provided as per terms and conditions mentioned earlier circular.
  11. In case of leave /absent, team member should have to directly notify in WhatsApp group or written application to director only , no other person in office is authorize to allow leave.
  12. There will be few awards/rewards system we will going to implement after 15 aug22, we will notify on it soon.
  13. Scan your systems regularly to check the malwares and virus, if you found any issues in laptop , inform to admin immediately for solution.
  14. All the bags /purses of team members should be placed in wardrobes only.
  15. Use of Water glass of work station is prohibited, you can use water bottles, there should not be any harm to laptop and other things.
  16. Outsiders friends/relatives and Ex employees are not allowed in the office/cafeteria without the permission of director.
  17. Office is under camera surveillance 24 x 7 , do not perform any kind activity which is unofficial/non allowed.
  18. Keeping the safety of the assigned inventory laptop, phones & headphones etc to each is their responsibility
  1. First apply rule – is applicable now on attendence. If anyone wants a leave due to personal work , urgency or any other reason. He/she must apply (team group whatsapp) for the leave on priority. Only first 2 leaves/day will be accepted, any further applied leave for that day will be rejected automatically and extra half day absent will be marked.
  2. Office punctuality is must for everyone. Any no. of days having short attendence (8 working hours min.) for more than 2 days It will be counted at as extra half day absent per day.
  3. In case of medical urgency if any employee is not able to come and 2 leaves are already there for that day . He/she have to submit doctor prescription for rest /other details to administor record then based on analysis of previous record it can be approved.
  4. Earn Leave is there already, if any employee have earn leave he/she can avial it anytime.

We all are well aware of the office hours which is from 9.00am to 5:30 pm. (8 working hour + 30 min lunch)

However, it has been observed that some of the staff is not reporting duty on time and thus violating the code of conduct of the organization. It affects the workflow of the office and training’s for whole staff. This is being viewed as serious misconduct from the part of the employees.

Henceforth staff will be given a grace period of 10 mins from the reporting time. On 3rd late coming a day’s half salary will be deducted. Staff who have the permissions for any respective time to come, must reach on that timings.

Emergency circumstances or some other natural problem should be informed to the person in-charge . Only genuine reasons will be considered on prior information basis.

Kindly adhere to the above failing which the management will be forced to take strict disciplinary action against those who are found violating the code of conduct hereafter. All are expected to take this instruction seriously. Otherwise we should take the action and deduct half day salary on 3rd late punch.

  1. When employee provide a referral candidate for hiring , Employee can get upto 2% extra appraisal / perks in the annual year.
  2. Referral candidate must stable for minimum 6 months in company for eligibility of appraisal to be considered.
  3. Employee can provide multiple referrals based on the openings in company

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